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Global G.A.P.

These small exotic fruits with their intense red hue are a powerful boost to human health. Not only are they sweet and delicious but they are packed with all sorts of nutrients beneficial for our bodies. They are rich in carbs and protein to provide us with an instant energy boost, loaded with iron, calcium and magnesium to help us develop strong bones and a healthy digestive system and have high water content to hydrate and allow us to keep powering through life.

Our rambutan fields and pack house have been certified by Primus Auditing under GLOBAL G.A.P., ensuring our buyers that we only export the best quality fruit, produced under strict food safety parameters.

Rambutan is available from Finca la Estancia during season in boxes of 5 lbs. as well as 1 lb. clamshells.

Finca la Estancia has been a producer of natural rubber for over a decade now. Our oldest rubber forest dates back to 1998 and started as an effort to reforest the land in Petén, Guatemala. From then on we have continued to grow as latex producers following strict ecological guidelines to ensure a sustainable future. Natural rubber is an environment-friendly replacement for petroleum based synthetic rubber.

Located in the northern department of Petén, Guatemala, Finca la Estancia is a Family-owned and operated business with strong ties to the land. With experience and knowledge dating back three generations we have continued to thrive along with the communities that surround us all while respecting the lush environment.

With a strong work ethic and strict quality parameters as our guiding points we can assure you that everything that comes out of Finca la Estancia is fresh and eco-friendly. From our fresh produce already available in many US markets to the shiny latex from our rubber forests we stand proudly behind our products and invite you to contact us soon, we are eager to do business with you.


Main Office:

14 Avenida “A” / 10-10 Zona 13 / ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.

T: +(502)2332-2880 / +(502)2332-2505 / +(502)2332-1046



Km.585, Aldea Vista Hermosa; Las Cruces, Petén, Guatemala, C.A.